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Prop 8, the Supreme Court & the GOP’s way ‘forward’


A lot hinges upon the Supreme Court’s ruling in California’s Prop 8 case. Will states hold onto 10th Amendment rights, or will the Supreme Court intervene based on the Fourteenth Amendment? Oral arguments begin this week, and within a few months we will know the outcome.

The Supreme Court? Congress? The Executive Office? Are these the places where socio-political issues should be decided for all Americans? President Obama has proclaimed that he would like to make gay marriage the law of the land.

If Prop 8 is overturned, and President Obama and supporters are able to pass a national gay marriage law, there is no guarantee that First Amendment protections will not be abridged. LGBT rights groups are well-organized, and have garnered the support from Hollywood and news media outlets. It’s evident in our entertainment industry (movies, television shows) and in our “objective” news reports that those who disapprove of gay marriage are backwards, uneducated, and bigoted. We are also told that opponents of gay marriage are on the “wrong side of history” . These are subtle (or maybe not-so-subtle) forms of speech suppression. And this type of behavior is likely to continue, if not accelerate.

It has become increasingly complicated to oppose gay marriage as LGBT coalitions continue to grow. How does the GOP sell “progress” when it opposes gay  marriage?

The liberty movement is the only way forward for conservatives and libertarians alike. Conservatives and libertarians may not agree on social issues, but they both believe in everyone’s right to conscience. While I support the concept behind defining marriage as between a man and woman, should it really be decided by a national ban? Not if personal liberty is the goal.

The political, religious and economic future of America is at stake. The GOP has badly lost the last two presidential elections, and at this moment, there is no strong indication of that changing soon. The burden of proof is on conservatives and libertarians to prove why less government is needed (and less intrusion into people’s lives or beliefs).

This movement can only be successful if the GOP supports states who have banned gay marriage (California) AND states who support gay marriage (Massachusetts). Hypocrisy on states’ rights must be eliminated. The liberty movement must begin now, not to abolish fundamental beliefs and traditions, but to forge a new identity apart from the growing trend of big government.


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