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The American Lie: Income equality is social justice

It’s ironic that Democrats, who statistically claim less religiosity than Republicans, will often utilize Scripture verses to further their social agenda. While many of these Democrats who use Scripture may claim to be Christians, their party as a whole prefers science & reason to the ‘unproven’ concept of faith. Continue reading

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AZ immigration law: The Supreme Court to the rescue?

The 10th Amendment, as seen above, provides states the ability to regulate themselves on matters that are not specifically delegated to the federal government. But what about matters that are delegated to the federal government that are not adequately addressed? Continue reading

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Cain ends campaign, GOP in trouble

Now that the sexual allegations–“false and unproved”–have forced Mr. Cain to suspend his run for president, it appears that the remaining GOP hopefuls have big shoes to fill. The two remaining GOP contenders that actually have a shot at the White House in 2012–Newt and Romney–are not creating enough excitement amongst the Tea Party and conservatives. Continue reading