Media criticism: Bush and Obama comparison

Many people can, at the very least, acknowledge that the media doesn’t treat conservatives the same way as progressives. From Newsweek’s “crazy-eyed” picture of Michelle Bachmann, to the news outlets’ (minus Fox News) insistence that The Tea Party is a radical, racist organization–it can’t be any clearer that liberal bias exists.

Perhaps most disgusting of all, is the fact that President Obama’s harshest “criticism” is that he isn’t liberal enough. It’s not that he hasn’t created jobs as he promised, reduced unemployment, or gotten the budget under control.

Talk about softball criticism. Everybody knows that Democrats in their “rage” will never put up a serious candidate to challenge Obama. They put all of their marbles in one jar when they nominated President Obama over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last election. Simply put, there is no other option for Democrats. Their goal is to make the president appear more moderate than he really is. Now I will say, even as liberal as he is, he at least seems to entertain discussion from the other side. It may not be serious consideration, but he has minimally tried to “compromise”. Democrats have made it seem like he is a “sell-out” by compromising with Republicans–when in fact, he has openly berated Republicans for being the “Party of No” and never chastised his own party for political divisiveness. Democrats have not played fair in the compromise game, that’s for sure.

Just a few years ago, former President Bush was attacked by almost every network for being unsympathetic toward black people during Hurricane Katrina. Add on liberal attacks that he was a ‘war criminal’. Never mind the fact that we were attacked by ruthless killers from countries within the Middle East. I won’t get into the justification of the Iraq War, but let’s just say that our military efforts in Libya were far less justified than in Iraq. These awful attacks toward President Bush were not policy driven–but character driven. Like the members of the media really took the time to find out more about President Bush’s character. Criticism of President Obama is strictly related to policy. No personal attacks.

There is nothing “post-partisan” about the Obama administration. ‘Yes We Can’ has become “The Few, the Proud, the Democrats”. A more united American will not exist unless the name-calling ends, and policy differences are addressed respectfully.


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